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Paid in U.S. dollars

Paid in U.S. dollars

As you may know, the U.S. dollar is the most used currency globally, easily exchangeable to local currencies anywhere in the world at a consistently stable value.

Getting paid in U.S. dollars will guarantee your financial stability.In addition to have your earnings sent to your PayPal account, they can be sent to your U.S. dollar bank account. This way, you can still get paid even if PayPal is not available in your country.
List of countries where we can transfer money
Your earnings reflect the number of lessons you teach. Tutor-GO! has a system in place where tutors with fewer lessons have the priority in taking reservations; therefore, you will not be in a situation where you have no reservations at all. Students who liked your lessons will definitely make more reservations with you again. The more students you have who take lessons with you consistently, the bigger your earnings will be. Tutors who strive to create good lessons are most likely to be popular.

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