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From the first time I visited United kingdom, I was fascinated by the charm of United kingdom, and now I visit every year. Before I found out about EnglishGO!, I used to travel on a package tour or had to rely on my friends who lived in United kingdom, but now I can go anywhere alone freely. Since I started speaking English, people seem to be nicer to me, and I love United kingdom even more.


I do not study on EnglishGO! much. I only enjoy freestyle conversations with instructors I like for 30 minutes. I live in the countryside in a small circle of people. Talking to people who live in the worlds different from mine on EnglishGO! makes me feel that my life is being enriched. I am dreaming of visiting the countries where my instructors live.


Since it is cheaper than other learning sites, I study everyday for 30 minutes in the same way I go to the gym. I feel that I am improving my skills in my spare time, and I feel emotionally fulfilled everyday.

United kingdom

My favorite instructor is friendly with whom I can talk about anything, so I enjoy my lessons everyday. I have never met my instructors in person, but I feel like I have made lots of friends in foreign countries. I would like to improve my skills more and make lots of friends in United kingdom.


I needed to know English for work, so I signed up on this site. Not to mention English, I cannot even speak English much, but there are instructors who are good at English who can understand my poor English, so learning English has almost no problem. Since I just have started taking lessons, my instructors use websites for kids in United kingdom to teach me, and we started with basic pronunciation practices. Since my instructors know my skills well, I can study at ease. All the instructors are native speakers of English, which makes it slightly different from learning English with instructors at places like universities. I was not sure if there would be lessons that would fit my schedule due to the time difference, but lessons are offered in a wide range of time slots, so I can pick them freely. This is a site that makes me want to continue studying until my skills become practical enough.


I enjoy it more than my classes at college because I can sometimes learn about the culture and daily life of United kingdom at freestyle conversations. Since I talk to the instructors every day, I can listen to English better than before, and my friends commented that my pronunciation had gotten better. I sincerely appreciate the instructors at EnglishGO!. I would like to improve my skills in English more, so I have decided to go to United kingdom to study. I am really looking forward to it!


I got transferred to Belfast at work, and now I live in United kingdom. I go to a university’s language center to study, but I have not improved as much as I had hoped with group lessons, so I have started feeling anxious. Also, even though I live in United kingdom, people around me are mostly foreign students, and most of my conversations with my friends are in English. I rarely have opportunities to speak English, and I didn’t know how to practice conversations. Since I joined EnglishGO!, I can review what I have learned earlier at college every day and practice speaking through freestyle conversations. Thanks to that, now I am more confident in making conversations in English.

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