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Tutor’s Voice

Ms. Svetlana

I am a college student who is studying Japanese, and I have a dream of going to Japan someday to study. I am currently working at Tutor-GO! in order to save up for my dream. I have the 3rd level JLPT. At Tutor-GO!, I am teaching my native language to Japanese students using Japanese to explain, so giving lessons everyday is helping me improve my own Japanese. If you would like to make money while learning another language, Tutor-GO! is one of the best options available.

Ms. Yekaterina

I am a mother raising a 1-year-old and a 5-year-old while working at Tutor-GO!. My kids are still little that it is hard for me to find work outside of the house. With Tutor-GO!, I can work from home, so I can keep working while taking care of the family at home.

Mr. Vladmir

I used to teach at a language school which was an hour away from my home, then I switched to working for Tutor-GO! a year ago. Tutor-GO!’s curriculum is very flexible that I can teach in a way that is best fit to each of my students. I am grateful to have found this job since it is a pleasure to see my students improve everyday when I can use my professional skills and experience as a language teacher. I will probably not go back to where I used to work anymore.

Ms. Maria

I love books, so I love being a librarian, but it has been very difficult to travel, which I love, with the librarian’s income. I love traveling as well. Now I teach at night on Tutor-GO! after I come home from work. With the extra money from teaching, I just went to Dubai last year.

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